Why to exhibit at MARE Summit 2024

Live trade fairs have long been a mainstay in the marketers’ arsenal, and for a good reason.

While gathered under the same roof with prospects and potential clients alike, sponsors and exhibitors have an unparalleled chance to converse with pre-qualified business buyers, to exhibit thought leadership in the exposition area, or exchange experiences and insights with representatives across the whole spectrum of the industry.

10 reasons to book your booth!

While each of our sponsors and exhibitors has their own unique motivations and reasons for choosing MARE Summit, our experience has allowed us to boil the main ones down to just two handfuls.

Here they are!


Take the stage

Sponsorships place your brand or company’s visual assets into the limelight, ready to be seen by vast and influential audiences who have never heard of you. The visibility also extends to press and social media mentions you will receive prior to, during, and after the event.

Our multi-tiered sponsorship system contemplates different collaborative opportunities to enhance brand recognition, such as scheduled on-stage mentions, prominent ads, signage, and promotional giveaways.

We also offer to sponsor specific activities (coffee, lunch breaks), spaces (breakout rooms) or speaking sessions (conferences or panel discussions) within the event.

Compounding all these opportunities to boost your brand recognition, the conferences and panels will drive foot traffic to the exhibition area, where you will be able to showcase your latest products or services in an innovative fashion.


Aim your sights on target

MARE Summit caters to companies that are active in the industry and interested in networking and expanding their knowledge through content-packed panel discussions, conferences, and keynote speeches. These organisations typically send decision-makers who are seeking innovative ways to streamline their operations and stand out from the throng.

Decision-makers consider companies who get the more prominent brand placements as the ‘stronger’ option currently in the market. Because the discussions are focused on specific target markets belonging or adjacent to the Property sector, high-ranking executives from these companies are a mainstay of the summit.

Sponsoring our event also provides you with a wealth of ready-to-use content for expanding your tactics in the social media sphere. From our part, we will promote your business at every possible turn through multiple social media channels and our official website, thereby increasing your target reach.


Be perceived

Sponsoring MARE Summit can help you reach a range of business objectives, such as increasing brand visibility, generating leads, and enhancing your company’s reputation.

A drab and vacant store will seldom manage to attract customers. Similarly, we distrust and avoid online businesses that lack basic security certificates, do not present a strong brand identity or do not disclose basic business details.

In the same way that a company’s public perception can take a dive by being associated with negative aspects, the same is true for the opposite. Sponsors are known to exhibit at prominent industry conferences. Being associated with a high-profile event generates positive judgements for existing and potential clients alike. By sponsoring MARE, they will assume your company is trustworthy and reputable.


Create qualified leads

Lead generation can be a slow and unrewarding process, but it is not half as arduous as painstakingly sifting through heaps of prospects in order to find one that qualifies.

Events like MARE not only offer you a slew of compatible clients, but they are also a window for them to catch a glimpse of the human side of your enterprise. Building brand loyalty begins with establishing an emotional nexus with your clients. By setting up a stand in the exhibition area, you may learn about your existing clients, advertise your products and services to new ones, or feed a mailing list to keep them engaged with what you have been up to lately.

If you play your cards right, incorporating a sponsorship into your marketing strategy can result in meeting many people in a short amount of time.


Make your goodwill towards the community known

The most essential advantage of event sponsorship is enhancing your company’s image towards the communities it serves.

One of the key take-home messages of MARE Summit 2022 was that profitability is no longer the only metric for success. With investors and clients gravitating towards companies that set up and achieve loftier goals, businesses are expected to demonstrate how their actions are motivated by a desire to improve the world.

Clients are increasingly putting their trust on firms that are concerned with conveying positive ideas and assisting the community. By associating your company with a great cause, you can gain long-term support and media exposure. It makes it clear to the public that you have received the message, and that you are taking steps towards it.


Generate and partake in content that keeps on giving

Event sponsorships bring in new content to supplement your content strategy and receive effortless exposure through user-generated materials.

Connecting with MARE Summit on social media allows you to identify which audiences are appropriate to target. All of the interactions that are generated both at the physical and virtual level may be leveraged to develop thematic content or promote your own hashtags or handles.

Content keeps on coming long after the event closes. Post-event transcripts, summaries and featured posts you can tag along will maintain audiences interested for longer, multiplying the possibilities of reaching out to even more people.

At current rates, a picture is worth a thousand words, a video a million. Feeding your social media account or website with high-quality photographs and promotional videos will help you with establishing your virtual presence.


Take a peek at what your audience thinks

Audience feedback is worth its weight in gold, and opportunities to collect it abound at multiple stages during and following the event. Besides, there is no better place for honest and precise feedback than an event with the highest concentration of experts per metre squared. Post-event reports will help you keep an eye on audience metrics and perceptions.

Both newcomers and seasoned veterans can learn through event sponsorship. You get a first‑hand view of how other companies stand out from the competition and what they do to attract clients. By connecting and speaking directly with your target market, you get to see and observe what they think about your product, and then adjust the line of attack accordingly.


Nurture business relationships

Thriving as a business depends as much on keeping a close eye on the competition as on expanding collaborative efforts with other companies.

Sponsoring MARE is a smart tactic to consider if you want to expand quickly and connect with quality prospects. For those looking for new partners or suppliers, the event serves as an excellent venue to meet non‑competing businesses and plan future cooperative endeavours.

Smaller businesses may profit from connecting with bigger ones, thus reaping the benefits that come from collective authority. Small business owners are busy folks, so most are happy to share leads. By preparing pitches to introduce yourself to key players, you can cut your leg work in half.


Get a return on investments

Sponsoring our conference is an investment in your company that will usually pay off in the long run, as it cuts additional marketing costs that can rack up quickly.

Whether you intend to encourage direct sales or not, the most enticing incentive of the event is being able to establish quality relationships. Although not out of question,, turning a profit during the event is not as important as taking home as big of a fat stack of leads as possible in order to leverage them on the long term.

As you may have noticed, most of the reasons are related to visibility .

We want you to take advantage of every possible resource at our disposal to assist your business in all things ‘exposure’. Especially if you are a new participant in the market, sponsorship possibilities are virtually endless and, like any other transaction, can be negotiated to provide you with the level of publicity you desire.

Get in contact or schedule a meeting with us if you are interested in knowing more.

For new arrivals and nascent startups: we are here to help you get a leg up. Exhibit for free or sponsor at reduced rates at MARE Summit 2024.

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