Malta Design Competition

Build Creativity, Construct Change


Embrace the challenge at the Malta Design Competition, a prominent feature of MARE Summit. This competition invites architects to transform a generic template—such as a park, garden, or urban space—into a breathtaking and innovative design using Malta Design’s extensive product range. Participants will utilize SketchUp software, equipped with features like swings, trash cans, barriers, and recyclable wooden or concrete furniture, to bring their visions to life.


Date: Competition on Day 1 (23rd May 2024), Voting on Day 2 of the MARE Summit (24th May 2024).The hours of the competitions will be from 8 am to 14:00 pm. 

Venue: Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre, equipped with touchscreens featuring SketchUp software for real-time design.

Duration: Architects will have a brisk 10 minutes to develop and present their designs.


Voting: Summit attendees will participate in the voting process on the second day, allowing time to review each design thoroughly. A ranked list of the top designs will be announced based on attendee votes.


Winner: Receives a €1,000 voucher from Malta Design, enabling further professional growth and creative endeavors.

Award Ceremony

Highlighting the summit’s closing ceremony on Day 2, the winner of the Malta Design Competition will be announced and awarded. This celebratory acknowledgment not only recognizes the winners but also enhances the communal and collaborative spirit of the summit.


We encourage all architects present at the summit to consider entering this stimulating competition. It’s an opportunity to display your innovative ideas and design prowess to a community eager to foster and celebrate architectural talent.

Sign up

Registration is open with limited slots available. For more details on how to participate, including full competition guidelines, please visit the virtual app or visit Malta Design Booth at MARE Summit. 

Join us for a fusion of design and technology at the MARE Summit, where your vision can set the stage for future trends in architecture and design.

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