Are you a startup itching to make the world know about you?

Bugle call for startups!

One of the main obstacles faced by budding start-ups is to insert themselves into the existing thicket of business relations.

If you are start-up itching to pitch your idea to the four winds, MARE Summit offers you the chance to cut your legwork in half by attending the trade fair of reference of the Maltese Property industry, during which you will be able to effortlessly rub elbows with the prime movers of the industry.

Created with the industry’s needs and concerns in mind, MARE brings together decision‑makers, investors, and sector professionals to deliver high-quality content in a wide array of pressing topics, such as green development and finance, new technologies, heritage and conservation efforts, architecture, and urban design.

By applying below , you are placing a bid to be one of the three start‑ups that will get to exhibit at no charge. Each of the selected start-ups will also get two tickets to roam freely throughout the event.

Interested in joining the business area, conferences and networking? Book your tickets

There’s no excuse not to apply! All start-ups that apply before 11rd of February 2024 will be able to purchase tickets or access sponsoring opportunities at a discount. So don’t miss out and apply now!

We can’t wait to see you there!

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