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Get noticed before, during and after the virtual conference. Based on your company’s goals and objectives, we will make sure to help you build the right offering. The MARE audience engagement and event analytics platform is designed to deliver a consistent experience for virtual events.


What is a virtual booth?


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What is a virtual booth?

A virtual booth is a space within a larger virtual event. The aim is to generate meaningful connexions with attendees. A variety of assets can be displayed. These include static text, logos, banners, video and even a chatbot. The virtual booth is page-based design where to engage directly with the attendee. Conversations can be instant, a contact form or simply be a link to more. Virtual booth exhibitors will host live discussions or demos.

  • Create an online space.
  • Display your brand on the main navigation to attendees.
  • Showcase demos to potential clients.
  • Live chat.

videos and more!

Sponsored content is a perfect way to get involved and in front of the attendees. You can provide quality knowledge, showcase a demo of your product at your booth.

Instead of passively waiting at booths (virtual or physical) for leads, virtual sponsors can take the initiative at your event and get in front of their target audience.

  • You can share your content on your virtual booth.
  • Sponsor a session on a relevant topic.
  • Show your information and slides in the more tab


Sponsored matchmaking categories

There’s no such thing as virtual serendipity, so you need to create it. A networking & matchmaking tool connects the attendees together and helps create context in an environment where there is none.

  • Intent-based matchmaking powered by AI.
  • High quality recommendations.
  • Booking a 1:1 meeting made simple.
  • You will find attendees willing to buy your services, invest into your company or work for you.
  • Take your virtual networking to the next level.

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