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For a second year in a row, trade fairs are back. Here’s hoping that they stay that way!

Despite some people’s predictions that live trade fairs were going the way of the dodo, a year of their absence has shown us that nothing can beat the opportunities that old-school live interaction offers.

We have collected the top 10 reasons why people attended last year’s edition of MARE Summit. Pick and choose yours, and get ready for a rundown of the Maltese property industry at MARE Summit 2023!


Network among peers

Business events are built around elbow rubbing with prominent people, and MARE is no exception.

Because of its scope and magnitude, MARE acts like a conduit for c-level executives, government representatives and experts to meet with industry peers from many different backgrounds and origins.

Since many of these individuals have already invested in attending the conference, they are likely to be receptive to meeting new people and learning about fresh prospects.

Besides, the overwhelming majority of professionals believe that meeting face-to-face fosters stronger, more lasting business relationships. Large scale events like MARE are ideal for mining conversations for new knowledge and to turn small talk into actionable insights, all while improving your soft skills.


Nurture customer loyalty

Malta is a small country. Chances are that you will run into some of your clients while attending the summit. Your clients attend the event to better educate themselves about the sector and to network, just like you do. They like to be reassured that they are putting their resources and trust in good hands.

This provides a unique opportunity to build up your relation with existing clients. It is not only a phenomenal way to engage in a semi-formal setting, but it also shows to your clients you are invested in maintaining the foothold of your business. This, in turn, can result in further developing the confidence that they place in your brand.


Foster new client touchpoints

There are numerous ways to reach new clients, but sector-specific trade fairs remain the best option to put into practice the tried-and-tested method of face-to-face interaction with dozens of pre-qualified prospects.

Marketing strategies depend on your business type. There are numerous ways to reach your potential clients, ranging from social media campaigns to pamphlets and television commercials. Although emails and LinkedIn hits have their place in any kind of strategy, nothing beats the tried-and-tested method of face-to-face interaction. This rings particularly true for B2B enterprises, who must be subtler in their approach than their B2C counterparts.

If your business wants to gain a foothold in the Property industry, there are few better places than MARE Summit.


Keep an eye on competition

It is highly likely that your competition will be present at MARE Summit, either as exhibitors, attendees, or speakers in a conference, which provides ample opportunities to infer the motivation and rationale behind some of the decisions they are taking.

Staying vigilant is part and parcel of any successful business. Understanding how competitors are placing themselves in the market, what products or services they are providing, and determining what are the current success factors is critical for any enterprise that strives to stay relevant in a sector that is shifting beneath our feet, sometimes quite literally.

However, observance of competition does not necessarily entail curtailing all semblance of cooperation. Your competitors are likely facing similar issues as you, which means that you both may benefit from an exchange of ideas. The semi-formal spaces, corridors and breakout rooms provide ample opportunities to do so.


Air your views

Sector events such as MARE are second to none when it comes to deploying your pitching skills and making the products and services of your company known to decision makers.

MARE Summit is always open to new outlooks on how to approach the uncharted waters that the sector is entering, and it wants to reward them by giving them the limelight they deserve to gain sympathisers to their cause.

This invitation also extends to you. The event serves as an excuse to talk publicly about your projects in the company of receptive people. If what you have to say piques their interest, you will gain a following, which will result in indirect exposure for your company and/or brand.


Reach solution providers

Sector events provide businesses a chance to unveil their most recent goods or services. MARE features an exhibition area where companies can demonstrate their latest service offerings or announce impending launches. The objective is to connect industry experts with solution providers so that they can potentially start to collaborate in new projects.

No firm can thrive without customers or solution suppliers, and no business can run in a vacuum. Exhibitors at the event can assist you in finding solutions to your problems through their technology, consulting, or product. This information can be extremely useful for decision-makers trying to make informed decisions about the path their firm must follow.


Become inspired

It is difficult not to feel inspired by stories from other entrepreneurs who have overcome similar issues to yours through sheer drive, grit, or ingenuity.

No matter how exciting a profession, things might eventually grow stale. Stories such as the ones we hear on MARE may refuel your enthusiasm, switch on the ignition and generate the momentum necessary to move from disrupted to disruptor. This intensity can become contagious, spreading to your employees and potential clients.

Introducing innovative concepts is not just a matter of being fashionable. Your company’s competitiveness and trustworthiness in the eyes of your customers or clients directly depends on your ability to keep up, filter and apply the most recent developments. These ideas have the power to significantly improve your company’s overall business model or strategic approach.


Break everyday monotony

What happens on stage is not always the most important. Partaking in the camaraderie of hallway conversations, discussing new lines of attack, catching up with colleagues while enjoying a catered lunch, refreshments and drinks… is an experience on its own, and a way to spice up every day routine.

Sharing a sense of place, community, and intimacy plays a big role in networking and with strengthening professional bonds. Every break will be an opportunity to rub elbows and chat with people you know and respect, or to establish contacts with companions from different geographical backgrounds.

MARE Summit wants to create a truly enjoyable attendee experience by doing without the bare and boring exhibition halls of yesteryear. It wants to do so by prioritising interactive stands packed with activities, product samples, and customised , direct attention.


Travel, sightsee

Malta is a welcoming destination all-year round. Valletta boasts almost 3000 hours of sunlight a year, which makes it the sunnier city in Europe and a welcomed respite for many of our solar-deprived attendees.

Its cultural and social ambience is a lattice made of jaw-dropping coastal sceneries, the oldest structures of the world (some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites), and a bubbling nightlife.

You will get to visit a new locale, experience a different city, taste some new local cuisine, and visit local monuments.

We have mentioned networking, strengthening or creating client/supplier relationships, the need to keep a watchful eye on the market, or just plain, unadulterated fun as the reasons to visit this year’s edition of MARE Summit, but there are surely many others.

The best way to discover more is by attending! Get the worm by buying our early bird tickets.

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